Agency Company Website

MRP Group and global headhunting and contract resource agency required a modern and update web presence that would showcase their…
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Alpaca Company Website

We worked with CS ALPACAS to create a huge, multi-page website that showcases the company story, news, products, company portfolio,…
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CSI Training Page

The main goal was to design and develop a website that allows the public to make online bookings for the…
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Door Furnishing Website

We co-operated with Kings Handles to develop a multi-page eCommerce website that allows them to sell their products online and…
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Machinery Company Website

Wendover Computers worked with Angry Bear to produce a multi-page website that showcases machinery that has been produced and multiple…
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News Company Website

Wendover News is a local news company that’ displays news from Wendover. Wendover posts events, local news, and advertises local…
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Tyre Magazine Website

Automatic posting of new articles to social media, Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook have recently been added to give an…
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Our Websites Include

Bespoke Designs

We design each website with our clients needs in mind and create a unique experience for your customers.

Optimized For All Platforms

All our websites are designed so that they can be easily viewed from a desktop to a mobile device.

Great SEO

Every website is carefully constructed with amazing search engine optimisation giving your business an edge over competitors.

Excellent eCommerce

We are capable of creating great online shops so your products can be purchased worldwide.

GDPR Compliant

Every website we create is guaranteed to adhere to GDPR Compliance for your ease of mind.

Lightning Quick Loading Times

All our websites are designed with optimum speed in mind.

If you are interested in our Web Design..