Upgrade to an SSD

Join the revolution – upgrade to an SSD!


Transform your current Laptop or PC with a solid state hard drive (SSD). Solid State hard drives are much faster and more reliable than conventional hard drives as they contain no moving parts. Traditional hard drives are made up of a spinning disk and a magnetic, movable read/write head. SSD’s on the other hand, use microchips to store data, just like portable USB flash drives. Thus, they have no moving parts, and are much quieter, more durable, and faster than regular drives.

What benefits will I get with a solid state drive?

1. Much faster boot up
2. Much faster read/write speeds
3. Applications open much faster
4. Improved reliability (2,000,000 plus hours)
5. Much quieter than conventional hard drives
6. Much greener as they use a lot less power

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What do I need to consider when upgrading to an SSD?

SSD’s are generally smaller than conventional drives, if your upgrading your PC, we can install the operating system and applications on the SSD, which will optimise the boot, OS operating speeds and applications. We would then utilise your existing conventional HD for your data storage. If you are considering upgrading your laptop, you need to consider what your current disk usage is.